Minutes of the Management Board held on the 6th March 2008, at Sefton Park Cricket Club at 7.30pm


Present: Mr. R Paisley (in the chair), Mr J Pinsent, Mr. D Cunningham, Mr. M. Poole, Mr C O’Mahony, Mr P Foulder, Mr T Hughes, Mr. J Ledger, Mr. L Martin and Mrs J Kelly, Mr G Pollard, Mr R Houghton.


Apologies for absence were received from Mr C Wylie


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Prop: J Pinsent, Sec: J Ledger




Email received from Ted Williams was discussed at length; Chair to reply to the points made and invites Ted to join the Board.




The Treasurer advised a bank balance of:-.

£4425.00 in the bank account.

Major invoices waiting payment £1000 brewery bill.


Audited accounts for 2006 – 2007 will be completed within the next week and be available for the next Board Meeting.                                                                                   Action GP

Treasurer requested to ask the Hon Auditor to schedule 2007 – 2008 accounts to be completed and audited by year end.                                                                              Action GP

GP is purchasing an accounts system which will help in generating accounts for this financial year in a timely manner.

Cash flow is still causing concern and any major expense must be approved by the Treasurer at all times.

Insurance is due May 08, Chair to revue and report back to Board.





Style Catering have paid monies owing to SPCC and now catering for the Crick Society Dinner and Umpires Dinner at a cost of £50 per function.



The redemption figure is still in negotiations with Tetleys, although a reduction in the original figure had been offered Jim feels the offer can improved.

Action: Jim to report at the next Board meeting.


The Board will revue barrelage usage at al Board meetings to ensure we are hitting our target of 90 barrels per year.


Four wedding functions will take place on Saturdays during the cricket season, too accommodate these functions cricket teas and snacks for members will have to be prepared in the lower pavilion. The cricket teas will also be consumed in the lower pavilion.

Due to the inconvenience for the caterer the Board agreed a ‘good will gesture’ of fifty pound would be paid per function.


 A stainless steel table had been purchased for the kitchen area at a much reduced cost.




The ladies toilet has now been redecorated.

Paul and Chris looked at putting a pool table on the raised area in the Members bar but unfortunately it would not fit.

A darts board will now be fitted in the raised area.

It was agreed to repair the fence in the garden and Jim will the pass the bill onto the Council.


The lower pavilion maintenance was causing concern the roof has tile missing and the clock has been damaged by vandals. CO had cleaned the gutters and identified water penetration behind the facia boards. PF will take action as soon as funds become available.





Child Welfare Officer

Nothing to report at this time.


Ground Force day will take place on Saturday 5th April 2008.


A full discussion re hiring a groundsman for the coming season and a quotation from Steve Briggs and Brian Viner to each work ten hours per week a total cost to the club of £8990.

Proposed: Jim Pinsent, Sec: Mike Poole on the provision that should extra hours be required a cost of £14 per hour plus £14 per day be clarified. CO to discus with Steve Briggs.


A frank discussion took place re the vacancy on the Board of a Development Chair which is crucial to the club’s short and long term future to identify grants available from the ECB and process the documentation. In the absence of Chris Wylie, Robbie Houghton agreed to take this to the next cricket committee to try and find a volunteer to take up this roll.

All Cricket captains should be invited to attend Board meetings.

Action: Chris/Robbie to report back at next Board meeting.


Cricket committee to provide a budget for 2007/08 to CO urgently. Action: Chris


It was reported that the lower square had been damaged by people playing football; the security around the square is insufficient. If we are to purchase nets to be placed on the lower ground provisions should be made to prevent misuse and damage to the square and the nets.

Action: Chris


Ensure registration forms are completed for all new players. Action: Chris/Robbie





One new non player




A 70’s night planned for April

A Sportsmen’s night planned for 27th June 2008.


Jim to discuss sponsorship with Merseytravel and report back to the Board.




CO advised that the roller being of vintage years and requiring a new engine. Edward Turner is trying to identify a replacement engine and the estimated cost would be £1000.


The secretary requested that all correspondence for the club must be placed in his draw to be logged and distributed to relevant Board members.


Meeting closed at 9-45pm.


Tom Hughes