Minutes of the Management Board held on the 3rd April 2008, at Sefton Park Cricket Club at 7.30pm


Present: Mr. R Paisley (in the chair), Mr. D Cunningham, Mr C O’Mahony, Mr P Foulder, Mr T Hughes, Mr. L Martin and Mrs J Kelly, Mr G Pollard.


Apologies for absence were received from Mr J Pinsent, Mr. J Ledger, Mr. M. Poole,


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Prop: J Kelly, Sec: L. Martin




a.         Letter from Waldon Telecom writing on behalf of Vodafone UK requesting to place a             mobile telephone mast at the club. Noted, no further action to be taken

b.         A thank you card received from the Baldwin family thanking Dave Cunningham for his             excellent support and service. Noted with pleasure and placed on the notice board.




The Treasurer advised a bank balance of:-.

£5582.00 in the bank account.

No major invoices waiting payment £1000 brewery bill.


Audited accounts for 2006 – 2007 still with the Auditor, GP to ensure they are available for the next meeting.            .                                                                                               Action GP

Treasurer advised that after the VAT inspection it has been implicated that VAT should be paid on all purchased sportswear sold by SPCC also, for any charges made for net practise.GP to investigate further and report back at the next meeting.                                    Action GP


Hydes Brewery have requested to be paid by direct debit and not by cheque. Action GP      


Prices of drinks must be shown in the members bar and function room.            Action DC/PF




Budget income for the bar has exceeded by £1500 for the month and £6000 better than last year.



Redemption figure to be discussed at the next meeting.


Last months stocktaking showed a 58.2 gross profit which is 10% up on last years figure..


Due to the government‘s budget an increase of 10 pence has been put on beers and 5 pence on wines and spirit’s with immediate effect.





The clock tower on the lower pavilion has been damaged further and is in need of urgent repair. Two quotes had been received by PF for the repair of the roof and clock tower.

PF was asked to renegotiate the quotes, it was proposed by Tom Hughes that the repair should be completed immediately and PF should accept the lowest quote and get the work completed ASAP. Sec: by Jan Kelly.


A quote of £252 was received to repair the fence in the garden it was agreed to put the work on hold until a later date.


A fire risk assessment needs to be completed to meet current regulations. GP to make enquiries and report back at the next meeting.                                                            Action GP





Child Welfare Officer

Reported that players registration and kit swap will take place on 28th  April 2008.


CRB check will take place on 4th April by Dave Goodall, Lancashire Cricket Development Officer.


Ground Force day will take place on Saturday 5th April 2008.


The Management Board expressed their disappointment at the non appearance of  members of the Cricket Committee at the meeting. A number of concerns were raised that could not be answered.

It was agreed that in future if members of the Cricket Committee cannot attend Board Meetings they should give their apologies and submit a written report to the Hon Sec.


Below is an extract from last months meeting:-

A frank discussion took place re the vacancy on the Board of a Development Chair which is crucial to the club’s short and long term future to identify grants available from the ECB and process the documentation. In the absence of Chris Wylie, Robbie Houghton agreed to take this to the next cricket committee to try and find a volunteer to take up this roll.

All Cricket captains should be invited to attend Board meetings.

Action: Chris/Robbie to report back at next Board meeting.


Cricket committee to provide a budget for 2007/08 to CO urgently. Action: Chris


It was reported that the lower square had been damaged by people playing football and walking their dogs across the square.

Hon Sec to write to Liverpool City Council requesting permission to erect a notice advising SPCC has total responsibility for maintaining the ground and has the right to limit access. It was also suggested we ask for an update on removal of the poplar trees. Action TH






No new members reported

Fixture cards will be available from the printers on Monday 7th April 2008 for distribution.




Nothing to report.




150 years (2010) anniversary to be discussed at the next meeting.


Meeting closed at 9-15pm.


Tom Hughes