Minutes of the Management Board held on the 1st October 2009, at Sefton Park Cricket Club at 7.30pm


Present: Mr. R Paisley (in the chair), Mr. D Cunningham, Mr T Hughes, Mr. J Pinsent, Mr G Pollard, Mr L Martin, Mr. M Poole, Mr E Williams, Mr. J Ledger, Mr C Wylie and Mrs J Kelly.


No Apologies for absence received: 


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved:-

Prop: J Kelly, Sec: L Martin




a.         No Matters Arising.




a.            Communication from LCB advising that the drainage Charge due to be implemented by United Utilities in 2010 has now been scrapped.





The Treasurer advised bank balance’s of:-.

£4751 in the current account and £15087 in the deposit account.

Invoice’s due to be paid included £1500 to St Margaret’s and £1250 for ground rent..

100 club accounts showed £2500 in the current account and £3219 in the deposit account.

Minimum wage had increased to £5.80 per hour.

VAT goes back to 17.5% from 15%.


GP requested to be advised of any major items ordered or required prior to the invoice being approved and passed to him; this action will help him control our cash flow.




Revised budget for 2009-2010 was circulated and approved.

Proposed: JL, Sec: RP





Change from EON to British Gas would be implemented Wednesday 7th October 2009.

Work on replacing gutters on the main pavilion had started.







Mobile covers have been disassembled and stored in the score box.

The end of season maintenance to the square had been completed.




Child Welfare Officer


Nothing to report at this time.


A League SGM will take place on Tuesday 13th October 2009 at SPCC.

On the agenda are four proposals to agree the format for the 2010 season, including starting date and ending date of the season, also to replace the four fixtures that will be lost with the revised league structure

SPCC will support proposal 2 with amendments to read: -


1. May-day early Bank Holiday is abandoned for league fixtures and becomes affixed date for 3rd X1 Embee Trophy 1st round.

Amendment: to play the 2nd round of the Embee Trophy.


2. The other two Bank Holiday fixtures are retained for full fixtures as currently.

Amendment: The second Bank Holiday fixtures abandoned and the season finishes on 18th September 2010 instead of 11th September 2010.


Ball Selection, for 1st and 2nd X1 the home side will decide and supply the ball to be used for both the home and away sides.


EW will meet with Liverpool College on Friday 2nd October 2009 to discuss 5th X1 fixtures and coaching roles.


 The latest registration date for overseas players has been brought forward to 31-May-2010 in place of 31st July 2010.


2009 report had been submitted to LCB and is awaiting approval by Paul Bryson.


Club Mark accreditation is due in 2010; a meeting will take place in November to start the process.


EW advised the Board that he would be resigning as Chairman of the Liverpool Cricket Competition at the next AGM.


Ground usage deferred to next meeting.


The end of season hot pot will take place on 16th October 2009.





1 Family membership was approved.



9. 2010


The next 2010 Sub-committee will take place on Thursday 8th October 2009 at 7.30pm


Confirmed dates:

25-June-10                  Summer Ball               

02-July-10                   LCB over 40s v SPCC (junior barbecue night)

15-Aug-10                   MCC v SPCC (Presidents Day)

22-Aug-10                   Menorca CC v SPCC

24-Sep-10                   Anniversary Dinner guest speaker will be Derek Underwood, President                                  of the MCC. Many thanks to Wilf Johnstone for organising.




Nothing to report.


Meeting closed at 09:35 pm


Tom Hughes