Minutes of the Management Board held on the 11th December 2008, at Sefton Park Cricket Club at 7.30pm


Present: Mr. R Paisley (in the chair), Mr. D Cunningham, Mr P Foulder, Mr T Hughes, Mr G Pollard, Mr M Poole, Mr E Williams, Mr L Martin, Mr J Ledger and Mrs. J Kelly..


No apologies for absence were received.


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Prop: Jim Pinsent, Sec: Jan Kelly




a.            Hardcastle & Hogarth to be contacted urgently as the problem with the lower             pavilion drains is getting worse.                                                             JP

b.         Fire drills have now been completed.





a.         Letter from Scottish Power increasing monthly direct debit to £380. Meter reading             to be recorded, contact with Scottish Power to be made to discuss urgently. PF

b.         Letter from Wyncote Ramblers requesting dates in 2009 to hold an Alan Hale             Memorial Fixture/Trophy and a two day tournament and other events Hon Sec      and Fixture Sec to meet with Wyncote representative.




The Treasurer advised a bank balance of:-.

£4982.00 in the current account and £5087.00 in the deposit account.


Accounts for 2007/08 to be finalised and passed to accountant by year end            GP


Ted Williams to review forecasted income and expenditure budget for the Cricket Section and advise Hon Sec.


Committee were made aware that United Utilities have tried to implement a drainage charge for car park areas at some sports club’s ECB are challenging this on behalf of clubs.


GP requested to be advised of any major items ordered or required prior to the invoice being approved and passed to him; this action will help him control our cash flow.







A Bar report was presented which identified the following:-


The function room hire is still well above budget.


Bar income period 1 was £6597

Expenditure for period 1 was £4816

Year to date income against expenditure was £1781


Hydes, barrelage:-

January to April was 21.5 barrel’s

April to now was 76.5 barrel’s

The target for a 12 month period is 90 barrel’s

Gross Profit for the bar is averaging 60.0%




Jobs Now Completed

Function room painted

Function room bar upgraded

Corridor painted

Entrance hall painted

Curtains kindly donated by Mr& Mrs Sail have been hung in the function room.

Drains at back of club to be cleaned.


The Board again proposed a vote of thanks to John Garnett, Dave Cunningham, Leo Martin and Paul Foulder for the valuable work they continue to provide on behalf of the club.





Rob Jobson was averaging 6-8 hours a week to remove leaves from the upper ground square and outfield and driveway approach to the clubhouse to keep it looking as tidy as possible.

The wet weather prevented the cutting, spiking and aerating the two squares as part of the autumn schedule. Rather than risk damage to the newly sown surfaces we kept off them.

The Mastiff outfield mower is at Turners undergoing repairs and a full service, costing £440,

is not yey pending delivery of new parts. The rotor mower for cutting various lawns has been repaired at a cost of £46 and will come back with the Mastiff.





Child Welfare Officer


Nothing to report at this time.


SPCC has entered the National Knock Out Competition.

The Board was advised that the Liverpool Cricket Competition will also run a twenty/twenty competition alongside the Echo competition.


All coaches and cricket captains will have to register with The Independent Safeguarding Authorities (ISA) for CRB checks this will be implemented October 2009.

The Managed Migration for overseas players is now available on the Leagues website.



Awards for all application had bee made for a bowling machine (£3500) and replacement astro turf (£7500) the top ground. The Councillors Community Fund must be applied for by Dec 19th


The Lords Taverners have extended the time for SPCC to apply for a grant of £4400 towards the cost of a three bay fixed netting practise facility along with a grant from the ECB.

Prior to the grant application planning permission will be required from the Liverpool City Council to erect a three bay (27.0m) Club Turf International Fully Synthetic Pitch.

The facility will have infill surround, width of 4.0m extended run up of 18.3m and roof netting of 7.32m. A 34.2m x 13.98m x 2.4m Security fence with a 1.50m pedestrian gate will protect the pitch.

The lead time for planning permission would be a minimum of 8 weeks, Jim Pinsent kindly agreed to manage the planning application.


The quotes for replacement windows under the green grant had been passed to Chris Wylie. Ted Williams to contact Chris for an update.





It was sadly reported that Anne Johnson had passed away.


RP to send membership cards to the new members of the Table Tennis section.





The bonus ball was selling out each Saturday and The Board thanked John Garnett for his enthusiasm in his selling techniques.



Meeting closed at 9-20 pm


Tom Hughes