Minutes of the Management Board held on the 9th July 2009, at Sefton Park Cricket Club at 7.30pm


Present: Mr. R Paisley (in the chair), Mr. D Cunningham, Mr T Hughes, Mr. P Foulder, Mr. J Pinsent, Mr G Pollard, Mr L Martin, Mr J Ledger, Mr. E Williams and Mrs J Kelly.


Apologies for absence received:  Mr C Wylie, Mr M Poole


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved:-

Prop: G Pollard, Sec: J Ledger




a.         No Matters Arising.




a.         An invoice had been received from Scottish Power £1807 + VAT for March –April- May consumption. Treasure advised that £400 per month was being paid by direct debit to Scottish Power and he felt this was sufficient to cover the cost of electricity.

            It was agreed to ask British Gas for a quote prior to the end of August which is the deadline to give 30 days notice to Scottish Power for us to cancel the contract.

b.         A letter from Tom Nixon enclosing a cheque to  sponsor a match and ball for a future             fixture.




The Treasurer advised bank balance’s of:-.

£12562.00 in the current account and £5087.00 in the deposit account.

Invoice’s due to be paid included £1500 (bowling machine) and £1100 for nets.

£5000 to be transferred from the current account to the deposit account.

100 club accounts showed £2140 in the current account and £3129 in the deposit account.


GP requested to be advised of any major items ordered or required prior to the invoice being approved and passed to him; this action will help him control our cash flow.





A Bar report showed year to date figure of income £89928 against expenditure of £58517.

Period 9 was excellent for functions and helped recover from a poor period 7.

The barbecue on Friday 3rd July was an excellent evening both in atmosphere and income, Hon Sec to write to those members who did a tremendous job on the night and to sponsors. 


Draft budgets for 2010 are required to be completed by all sections by the end of August.






The replacement window for main pavilion was on order with Picton Glass, PF & DC to chase.


Woolton Carpets will visit the Club to reseal the carpet that is starting to lift, PF will discuss stains that have appeared on the carpets.


Roller Shutter (lower pavilion) JL advised of a contact who may be able to repair the broken shutter PF to follow up.





Nothing to report at this time.





Child Welfare Officer


Nothing to report at this time.


Planning Permission Report:-

Notification had been received from Richard Gee advising that the Liverpool City Council Town and Country Planning Department have not looked favourably on our planning request to site a three bay training facility to the west of the existing Pavilion.

After a lengthy discussion it was agreed that the help and knowledge of Gordon Dacre to discuss our next move with the Council. JP to make contact with Gordon.

Other ideas were discussed including a presentation by the Club to relevant Councillors and the Town & Country Planning Group to take place at the Club after discussions with Gordon.


If the building of Nets did not get the required permission the cricketers would require two nights during the week to support the need for over 15’s development. Fixture Secretary advised that two nights were already reserved on Mondays and Thursdays.


Purchase of training aids for the junior section was agreed (£350) proposed EW, Sec: GP.


A cricket camp will take place on 29th, 30th and 31st of July starting at 1000hrs to 1500hrs.

The cost is £10 per day or £25 for 3 days a minimum of 15 is required to if the camp is to go ahead.


Councillors Community Grants are now available and EW will review.


Clubmark renewal is now required and a copy of the Club’s insurance policy is needed.


Club’s coaches have completed 36 hours at St Silas and Our Lady of Mount Carmel.







Four new none playing members, three none playing members plus wives. one none playing member and family and one none playing member and schoolboy were approved


A list of players who had not paid there subs had been posted on the notice board.

EW to discuss with Team Captains.


9. 2101


Next meeting is on 23rd July 2009 all welcome.




The cost of cricket teas will be discussed at the next Board Meeting with the Cricket Chair.


Mike Poole to discuss with Sylvia, a memorial for Geoff.


Meeting closed at 9-35 pm


Tom Hughes