Minutes of the Management Board held on the 5th March 2009, at Sefton Park Cricket Club at 7.30pm


Present: Mr. R Paisley (in the chair), Mr. D Cunningham, Mr T Hughes, Mr. P Foulder, Mr. J Pinsent, Mr C Wylie, Mr G Pollard, Mr L Martin, Mr J Ledger and Mrs. J Kelly.


Apologies for absence received: Mr. E Williams, Mr M Poole.


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved subject to the amendment under Matters arising.

Prop: J Ledger, Sec: L. Martin




a.       The purchase of a carpet for the function room had not been stated in February’s minutes. No formal approval process had been followed to authorise capital expenditure. Treasurer advised that the cost for the carpet of £1650 was coming out of the 100 club account and would not affect the club’s cash flow.

b.      Future capital expenditure must be fully discussed at Board Meetings, proposed, seconded and voted upon to approve or reject proposals.

c.       Email from Paul Foulder advising the Board of his resignation had now been rescinded.

d.      JP requested that future meetings should commence promptly at 7.30pm.




a.         Email received from Liverpool & District Cricket Competition advising of a new website for the league




The Treasurer advised a bank balance of:-.

£2049.00 in the current account and £1087.00 in the deposit account.

No major were due in the month. All small member loans had been paid off and the utilities loan was being paid off monthly.

Monies owed to the club from a number of years ago by David Bray, who now resides in Australia had been received by the President.

The Treasurer made a clear statement that all income must be paid into by the Club Steward and no other person.

GP requested to be advised of any major items ordered or required prior to the invoice being approved and passed to him; this action will help him control our cash flow.


Donations had been received from The Liverpool Business House League and The Film crew who used the car park when filming in the park, of £100 each.


Cricket balls for the coming season had been purchased for the coming season and will be kept by the Club Steward for safe keeping. Balls will be signed for when issued.






A Bar report was not available at the meeting due to the Business Chairs computer needing repair. (A copy of the report is attached to the minutes).

The function room hire is still well above budget with March being particularly busy.

It was agreed that future booking of the function room will give the hirer a twelve month membership of the club.


Liverpool University Cricket Club had booked the ground for two occasions in April utilising both grounds on each day, it was agreed that a cost of £250 for each day be charged.


Lancashire under 17’s Ladies have arranged a fixture on Monday 29th June 2009 at the club.





New Pavilion, both changing rooms have been painted. Floor heaters have been removed from the changing rooms due to damage caused by players standing on them. Leaking urinals have now been repaired. The gents have been painted by John Garnett.

The roller shutter doors on the front of the pavilion have bolts sheared off; the engineer will not attempt to repair unless the club remove the ceiling in the corridor. JL agreed to contact the builder to ask how the ceiling can be removed.

The gas leak has been repaired outside of the pavilion; we are still waiting for British Gas to re-connect.

Toilets are flushing constantly, the water has been turned off when not in use until the new timer has been received.


Main Pavilion, the old carpet from the function room will be fitted on the stairs and landing at a cost of £130 including gripper rods etc.


The Scoreboard will be painted and lettering replaced before the season starts. 




The League is holding a PQS presentation (ground inspections) at Sefton on the 17th March 2009. Robert Jobson, Steve Briggs and Tom Hughes will attend.

A meeting of the ground committee will take place the same evening.




Child Welfare Officer


Nothing to report at this time.


CW requested if St Margaret’s could change the night for nets from Wednesdays to Thursdays. JL to discuss.


 Cricket Force day will take place on Saturday 4th April 2009 followed by a Pig Racing Night in the evening.


The artificial wicket on the main ground is in a dangerous condition with urgent repairs at a cost of £200 required. Agreed to repair as soon as possible.  DC.


Covers for the main ground need to be replaced, TH has a grant of £1000 to spend by the end of May to purchase a cover. Quotes received from Stuart Canvas Products are from £1750 to £2250+VAT for a flat sheet cover, another quote received for a mobile cover was £3750 +VAT. Due to the club’s current cash flow a decision was deferred to April’s meeting.


CW agreed to discuss with Lancashire to see if they have any surplus covers available, also to get quotes from Romida Sports.


Four new paying members were hopefully going to sign for the new season, Unfortunately the Australian player who was holidaying in the UK and play for Sefton had now advised that he was no longer travelling.


A grant of £10000 had been received from ‘Awards for All’ towards the cost of the ‘Nets Project’. The local councillor’s grant applied for had been rejected.




Two new non player members reported.


Honorary Members accepted en bloc.


9. A.O.B


Meeting of the inaugural 2010 committee will take place on Thursday 12-March 2009.

A statement from the Treasurer and Auditor to be issued to amend the statement of accounts for 2007/2008.

Flowers had been sent to Mrs Johnstone after her recent operation.

A cheque had been received from Frank Hetherington’s family requesting that a bench be purchased in memory of Frank.              PF.


Meeting closed at 9-00 pm


Tom Hughes