Minutes of the Management Board held on the 5th June 2008, at Sefton Park Cricket Club at 7.30pm


Present: Mr. R Paisley (in the chair), Mr. D Cunningham, Mr P Foulder, Mr T Hughes, Mr. L Martin, Mr G Pollard, Mr J Pinsent, Mr. C Wylie, Mr. E. Williams, Mrs J. Kelly and Mr. R Houghton


Apologies for absence were received from Mr. J. Ledger


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Prop: J. Pinsent, Sec: L. Martin




a.         A letter of thanks had been sent to Graham Williams

b.         A letter had been sent to Hardcastle & Hogarth re the lower pavilion, waiting reply

c.         Bar price list now completed.




a.         Letter from Charlie O’Mahoney advising the Management Board of his resignation             with immediate effect due to his role as Business Chair and Ground Chair becoming             too involved and time consuming. He still wishes to remain on the sub-committees.             Hon Sec to write to Charlie to thank him for his excellent results over the last             fifteen             months in the progress the club has made under his role as Business Chair. The Management Board reluctantly accepted Charlie’s decision.




The Treasurer advised a bank balance of:-.

£6275.00 in the bank account and £4000.00 in the deposit account.


A three month breakdown of income and expenditure was presented


Audited accounts for 2006 – 2007 still with the Auditor, GP to ensure they are available for w/e 13-June-2008.   .                                                                                               Action GP


GP requested to be advised of any major items ordered or required prior to the invoice being approved and passed to him; this action will help him control our cash flow.


Invoices required to be sent to Romida, St. Margarets, Castle Estates, Autobreakers and Allerton Aerials.                                                                                     Action GP





Bar sales YTD is £72000 compared with £67000 previous year to date


The function room income was up by £9000

The Members bar income was down by £5000


Hydes barrelage:-

January to now was 52 barrel’s

April to now was 27 barrel’s

The target for a 12 month period is 90 barrel’s





One of the ovens in the kitchen has been switched of after a routine inspection identified that the gas flow pressure was too low to maintain safe use of the equipment. A warning notice stating the oven cannot be used has been placed on the equipment.

A report is waited from the inspector.


The following items have been completed in May:-


a.         Main scoreboard has been painted inside and out.

b.         Gutters on the scorebox cleaned and tiles replaced on roof.

c.         Small scoreboard painted.

d.            Handrails into main club painted.

e.         Sharp edges on flower beds in front of pavilion chipped off.

f.          Light repaired in gents toilet.

g.         All benches repaired in the garden.

h.         All troughs and barrels planted up. (Money donated)

i.            Handrails and pillars on the lower pavilion painted.



A fire risk assessment is ongoing.                                                           Action GP





The ground committee had met twice during may to look at the inventory and required maintenance of the clubs machinery.

Committee also looked at the cost to the club when hiring grass wickets to third parties and proposed to the Board the followin increases:-


Current cost for a grass wicket main ground £150 increased to £250 for an all day game and

£150 for an evening game.

£100 for a grass wicket on the lower ground.

£60 to remain for all weather pitch on both grounds.

Proposed, TH Sec. JP             Accepted unanimously


A further proposal to replace the engines to: - 1) Auto certes wicket mower 2) Marquis square mower 3) Ransomes mastiff outfield mower at a total cost of £1200.

This work is critical if we are to maintain the health and safety standards for the users and also to keep the ground to the current high standard.


Proposed TH, Sec PF                         accepted unanimously.


It was also agreed to ban the use of bouncy castles on the ground with immediate effect due to adverse press reports as to whose legal responsibility it is to supervise such events.  





Child Welfare Officer


It was reported that under thirteen s require parental approval before registering

Under elevens require coach approval.

Mondays coaching saw 63 junior players supervised by eight coaches and three assistants who are assisted by parents’ who ensure everyone is signed in.

The under elevens are appearing at Old Trafford and will form a guard of honour as the teams enter the pitch.

The junior section will be asked to complete in Kwik Cricket when Lancashire are playing next at Aigburth.


Cricket Chair


A list of unpaid subs passed to Cricket Committee.


Under a Lords Taverners scheme the club is coaching at Liverpool College, St. Austins and Dovedale Schools to receive a grant for £1000.


Certified coaches are required to send a copy of the certificates to Malcolm Barber of The Liverpool Cricket Competition.


A meeting is planned for the 2nd July 2008 with Paul Bryson to sign of the clubs CPMS to make progress in submitting future applications for grants.






Two new non playing members.




A barbecue, casino and disco night will take place on Friday 4th July 2008 at a cost of £10 per ticket.



JL to be firmed up as a Trustee status.                                                   Action JP


Meeting closed at 9-45pm


Tom Hughes