Present: R Paisley (chair), S Lomas, M Boyns, D Cunningham, J Ledger, P Foulder.

Apologies: E Williams, E Wood.



Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Minutes were accepted as a true record of previous meeting.

Proposed by P Foulder, Seconded by J Ledger.



Matters Arising from the Minutes


President’s Day Catering

“…issues with insurance cover…” was an assumption and should be removed.



Club Development Plan

Stuart had forwarded the Development Plan to Ted and a meeting was scheduled for 17 August with Mark.


RCM Sports Advertising Contract

Stuart had forwarded the contract to the board and had asked for a few minor amendments to the contract.  RCM had responded to say they didn’t foresee any problems.


Keys for the Lower Pavilion for Cricket Captains

Dave suggested the wooden wheeled container in the lower pavilion could be used to store cricket equipment as it was currently not being used. There was not currently any other available secure storage in the building.


Kit Bags in the Eaves of Main Pavilion

The kit remained in place which is causing problems for the exterminators.  Stuart had spoken to Ted and they had looked at it briefly.


Staff Guidelines

Dave Cunningham had produced the guidelines and passed them to all staff.  A copy would be passed to be sent with the minutes

Players-Board Meeting

This had taken place on 21 July and minutes had been distributed to the board and attendees.


Management Board Meeting Minutes/Website

Minutes (minus financial information) from the last two and a half years and now present on the club website:  Thanks to Bob Paisley.











EDW, SL and MB to meet




SL to ensure contract amendments satisfactory and sign


MB to take forward





EDW to move kit!




DC to forward copy of guidelines to SL











17 Aug 2016




8 Sep 2016









8 Sep 2016




17 Aug 2016






In the absence of a Treasurer, the Chair gave the current balances:


Bar income was down but bar expenditure was down.

100 Club funds had been relied on heavily during the previous close-season.

It was re-iterated that the Club needed to have at least £18,000 by the end of the cricket season to see us through the winter.




In the absence of a Business Secretary, Dave reviewed business briefly. 

Dave had one applicant for new bar staff following the Players-Board Meeting although there had been little publicity.




There was no update on the new net facility as Naj Ahmed is in Pakistan.  The club still needs to reimburse Naj for the pre-planning application.

Stuart had yet to order Christmas Raffle tickets.

Stuart still had £100 to spend at Waitrose from the ECB Open Day which he planned to use to assist with supplies for the Alex Miller Cup on 28 August.

Although the first “Legends” game had been cancelled due to the ground not being fit, the second was very successful.  Thanks to Robin Brown for organising these.

The Club Survey would be closing after this weekend and Stuart would report back at the next meeting.


Jon Hague has been looking into the new Metro Mayor’s Fund which could provide significant investment in the club but any bid would need to be transformational as the minimum amount was £250,000. The fund had not yet been officially announced; Jon was working off a draft.

Naj to present invoice


SL to order tickets

SL to contact Waitrose




SL to write report

RP to remove link from club website homepage




22 Aug 2016

19 Aug 2016




8 Sep 2016

19 Aug 2016





Paul had been to Jewson and purchased bolts for benches, wood stain, paint, brushes and a hoe. £20 remained to be spent at Jewson by the end of August.

The club’s edging shears were to be sharpened as replacements could not be sourced.

6 chairs had been repaired.

A plumber had visited the club and repaired a shower tap which has stopped the leak into the function room.  A plasterer was now needed to repair the hole in the ceiling!


The steps from the car park to the kitchen need to be replaced/removed as they are not safe.

PF to spend remaining £20!




DC to contact John Davies/plasterer

31 Aug 2016






Repair to the fence panels following their recent collapse was deemed a priority.

Mark planned to undertake a kit inventory so the club knew exactly what training equipment it had.

Mark was looking to implement a checklist for use by people hiring the grounds externally.

Some playing members had shown an interest in joining the Management Board.

Mark raised the fact that he had not been informed of the recent Players-Board Meeting.

Mark was working on a Cricket Development Plan as it needed updating.

Fines had recently been published on the Competition website with Sefton having £150.  Some of these had been removed following Mark querying them.


Junior Cricket

A junior coaches meeting had been held.

Junior Presentation Evening would be on Friday 16th September from 6pm until 8pm.

Nothing to report regarding Child Welfare.


PF to look at prices


8 Sep 2016








3 new table-tennis members (non-playing).


Non-members had been witnessed using membership cards to gain discounts at the bar.  All board members and bar staff need to be vigilant!




The Alex Miller Cup will take place on Sunday 28 August raising money for CALM.

The need for a fundraising function in October/November was raised.

Charles Daniels is looking into a possible casino night in February.



Any Other Business




Next Meeting

The next board meeting would be held on Thursday 8 September at 7.30pm