Minutes of the Management Board Meeting of The Sefton Park Cricket Club

7 January 2016

Present: RA Paisley (chair), S Lomas, K Spencer, D Cunningham, M Boyns

Apologies: T Hughes, J Kelly, B Rispin, E Wood, R Forsyth.

Minutes of Last Meeting

Proposed by Mark Boyns; seconded by Keith Spencer.

Ma ers Arising

Keith raised a couple of minor queries with the cricket budget Mark had circulated at the last mee ng – namely that player membership income should be higher and that the cost of the Lord Gavron scholar had not been included. There was also good news on club stocks of stumps, spring stumps and cricket balls.

Keith also queried the desire to work towards a paid club coach which led to a long discussion of almost complete agreement that as a club we weren’t in favour of paying players and that the current financial situation on meant paying anyone was not possible at the moment.


The till company had been in touch to confirm they were returning on 19 January to sort out a few teething problems. This was largely around a problem that use of membership cards overwrote the members’ happy hour promo on (!), and that cards would be able to be “pre-loaded” with funds going forward and annual subscriptions would be able to be paid through the ll. Basic reports from the Tills had been received but more detailed reports would cost around £500. Stuart reminded the board that he would be keen to develop reports which should avoid any need for the additional outlay.


Keith presented the now finalised annual figures which showed a loss of £8227.60 for 14/15 which followed on from a loss of £6666.87 in 13/14.

Keith was confident that the club should be able to manage through to the season, although some bills were being held back and early payment of annual subs was being requested to ensure cashflow.

Func on Room bookings are not great for January but look good for February.

A stock take had taken place. The Gross Profit was 56%. The issue with wine had improved but the stock take was too early for the introduction of 175ml bottles to have taken effect.

Methods to increase income from catering were discussed.

The happy hour promo on had not had a big impact on foo all between 7 and 8pm as yet but it was acknowledged it was early days.

Dave had chased the brewery again regarding paying off the loan but the process has been delayed by Christmas and a change of rep.

No decision had been made regarding Focus Security as their rep had been on Christmas leave but it was agreed in principle that retaining their services with the new security cameras in situ didn’t appear to be the most cost efficient approach.

All board members encouraged to think of ways to increase income!!

Any spending must be authorised by the Treasurer and must be kept to a minimum! Development

Naj Ahmed had met with an architect friend regarding the new net facility in December.

Stuart to apply for £4000 through EWCT Small Grants Scheme to replace the boiler. Stuart has contacted Tony French who gave a quote last year and would also contact SMC and NiPi.

Nothing had been heard from the LJMU business students who have a project to work with the club to improve sponsorship and marketing. [Post meeting update: Ben received an email from one of the students on 11 January].

The Christmas Raffle had raised £690 towards the Pavilion Development Fund.

The club had signed up for NatWest Cricket Force 2016 which is due to take place nationally over the weekend of 1-3 April. Stuart would sign up for the Jewson Privilege Account Scheme again which was due to open again soon. Stuart suggested purchasing insula on for the pavilion with the funds and asked the board for any other suggestions; Mark requested some more Hammerite for the bases of the sightscreens and there was a suggestion of paint for the function room. House

General repairs to chairs and tables.

The secure box had been installed to house the recording equipment for the security cameras although there were currently some issues with playback.


There would be a push for early payment annual subs once winter nets started to assist with club cashflow.  Two playing members had already paid their 2016 subscription.

Wine Tas ng evening on 27 February would raise £4 per person.

Cricket sec on “desires” at the minute are a new bowling machine and net cage.

Mark had received little support on the ground thus far.

Mark announced the signing of Craig Reid from Birkenhead Park CC.

Mark had printed copies of the club’s overseas international players to be framed and hung in the pavilion.

Mark was due to meet with the north-west co-ordinator for Last Man Stands regarding possible hire of the ground.

Per nent proposals for the L&DCC AGM were discussed. It was agreed that the club would vote to retain the current start times.


Two new members: 1 new non-player and 1 new member who won the membership in the Christmas


New membership card Terms and Conditions were agreed. To be laminated and posted in the club by


Subscription rates were discussed.  It was agreed not to propose to raise subs at the club AGM.

Bob Paisley to contact the club Trustees as well as current and previous Presidents Ted Williams and Mike Poole regarding their nomination for the next club President as Ted’s 5 year term is due to end.


Wine Tasting would be returning on 27 February.

Players get-together on 16 January followed by trip to Evil Eye Burrito Bar.

£150 had been raised on the Test match predictor and this would return for the 4th Test vs South


Tom Hughes would start selling Spot the Ball cards on Saturdays.

Any Other Business


Next Meeting Thursday 4 February 2016 at 7.30pm