Minutes of the Management Board Meeting of the Sefton Park Cricket Club

4th February 2016

Present: RA Paisley (chair), K Spencer, D Cunningham, T Hughes, E Wood, J Kelly, C OMahoney

Apologies: M Boyns, B Rispin, E Williams, S Lomas

Minutes of Last Meeting

Proposed by K Spencer; seconded by D Cunningham.

Matters Arising

Suppliers of the tills had visited the club and made updates particularly with the ‘Happy Hour’ offer. TH to generate reports, and make available to the Board

Keith advised should Committee members see abuse of membership cards they should assist the bar staff to administrate the rules and not leave them to resolve any issues alone.


Email from Ben Rispin advising he would not be standing as a Committee Member at the next AGM due to work and home life priorities.     Noted with regret.

The following Committee Members have agreed to stand again:

R Paisley, Chairman/Membership Secretary, T Hughes, Secretary/Business Chair, K Spencer, Treasurer, M Boyns, Cricket Chairman, D Cunningham, Fixture Secretary, E Williams, Junior Player Secretary, S Lomas, Development Chair, J Kelly Board Member. This leaves three vacancies for Board Members.

S Lomas nominated Andrew Milburn for position as Board Member, unfortunately Alan is not a current member of the club however, he can be co-opted onto the Board when he does become a member.

Email received from Kathy Nicholls, Primary First Aid Training, reminding the club that Defibrillator Training is due for renewal. There was some discussion if re-training was required, Jan Kelly would look into whether this was refresher training or required annually. The cost would be 12 x £25 per person


Accounts for 2015 had been signed off by the Auditor

Bar takings are down £4401 for the first three months this time last year, the financial situation is becoming severe with bills to be paid of £3398 plus an estimated PAYE £965, Keith advised unless

income improved we may be in a position of requesting members for a short term loan. Function room bookings are looking good for February and March.

It was agreed Function Room booking cost would be increased to £90, this can be left to Dave’s discretion.


Marstons Brewery presented a Business Review on 25th January 2016 by Neil Upton, Neil outlined our trade up to the end of December2015 (presentation attached). Proposal:

·         Keep loan in situ / 0% interest.

·         Proposal to save club £4082

·         £2700 saved through increased discounts / £30 per 36g barrel

·         Replace Guinness with Oyster Stout, £1134 saved on switch (£38.50 per keg, 9 x 36g barrels in12 months)

·         Replace Strongbow with Kingstone Press, £248 savings on switch (£19 per keg, 4 x 36g barrels in 12 months).

After a discussion it was unanimously agreed to accept the proposal and install immediately.

The standard price of draft will increase by 1.8% from 8th February 2016, this will not affect member’s prices.

A discussion took place regarding catering, it was agreed for Tom to organise a meeting with Jan, Charlie, Keith and Dave. Jan advised she is making a loss on cricket teas and is owed £600 for 2015. Through these minutes can Mark investigate with Jan the shortfall for 2015 and put a plan in place for 2016.


Tom advised notes from Stuart in his absence:

Nets facility – Architect in process of doing drawings and looking into how to apply for planning permission (Naj).

Stuart had forwarded a proposed survey to be sent to members, after a lengthy discussion the following were noted:

·         Title should read Sefton Park Cricket Club survey not Bar Survey.

·         Survey to long number of questions should be reduced

·         Questions should be redefined with Boards input

·         Questionnaire should not be anonymous

Stuart has applied for a grant of £3000 / £4000 (can Stuart clarify) through EWCT Small Grants Scheme to replace the boiler. LCB will send recommendations to ECB by 4th March 2016. Clubs have four months to complete work after hearing they are successful.

Jewson privilege account has been applied for via Cricket Force. Pay £50 and get £300 to spend by 30th September 2016.

Emailed Alan Smith from Liverpool City Council Parks regarding the club being represented at Sefton Park Forum. Positive comments received Charlie volunteered to be a member with his interest in Park Life.

Emailed Smithdown Road Festival with regards the club being involved as a host venue. It is held over the May Bank Holiday weekend and this will be its second year. A suggestion from the organises was that we could possibly hold a swing dance class and swing band event? Board agreed excellent opportunity to get involved with local community.

David Longstaffe photos in pavilion – especially opportunities in the function room. Tim Gray displays his work (largely of Liverpool City skylines)) in Espresso Plus and has them for sale through him. Tim thinks he would be open to “display” works at the club and we could ask for some shots of the club. It would be a good way of helping to give a more modern appearance without much outlay. Board agree to pursue with Tim through Stuart.

Liverpool International Music Festival has been moved forward to 21-24 July these are the kind of events we could take advantage of being on the doorstep. Board agreed we should take advantage by advertising the club on the main road with signage “drinks and food” available.

Ben advised he had tried to contact LJM students without success.


Tom advised notes from Mark in his absence:

Player sponsorship has 19 takers so far at £10 each

A deal with Romgear has been arranged whereby members ordering their kit through Mark get the club a small share (typically 5-10%) as well as themselves cash back. In return they have asked for banner on the website and an advertising board. Board agreed

Mark is to meet with LCB next month about hosting a women’s cricket taster night(s) with a view to a long term plan of having a lady’s section.

Mark has provisionally agreed for us to host a summer camp for LCB at the club. Three days, 10-4 with the LCB doing all the coaching. We just need to have facilities available and will receive a donation. Mark will liaise with Steve but wickets etc. will not need preparing.

Prints of Warrican, Dowrich, Taylor and Black have now been framed, proposed prints be displayed to the left of the television by moving other photos.

Ground, the wet weather had allowed the squares to progress the outfields are very wet, the gulley requires to be cleaned out from the scoreboard to the Smithdown Road end


The glass washer broke down and was repaired thanks to Ian Spencer saving the club a cost of an engineer call out.



Two new members, one Senior Citizen member and one non playing member.


Wine Tasting would be returning on 27 February 2016. Ticket sales just over 20 currently

Any Other Business


Next Meeting Thursday 3rd March 2016 at 7.30pm