Minutes of the Management Board Meeting of the Sefton Park Cricket Club

3rd March 2016

Present: RA Paisley (chair), K Spencer, D Cunningham, T Hughes, R Forsyth, S Lomas and E Williams

Apologies: M Boyns, E Wood, C Smart and J Kelly

Minutes of Last Meeting

Proposed by K Spencer; seconded by D Cunningham.

Matters Arising

Dave and Bob are now able to manually update the tills accordingly.

Club Survey

The questions of anonymity, how the results would be weighted and the simplicity of the survey were discussed at length.

The quality of the current lager served was raised (or lack of it), could it be replaced with a branded lager.

If the current lager was replaced the club would lose the £2400 discount from the brewery and the replacement lager would be increased in price. Resolved: Dave would price, branded lagers and report back to the Board at the next meeting.


It was suggested the “Happy Hour” be moved from 7.00pm /8.00pm to 8.00pm/9.00pm during the summer to enable players to enjoy the reduced prices after the match. It was advised the reason for implementing the “Happy Hour” was to increase numbers using the club during the week. Resolved: The finishing time of matches would be monitored for future decisions.


Free jugs of beer could be pre ordered at the discounted price.


Drink promotions for the function room would be investigated by Dave.


Stuart to attend a meeting of: The Sefton Park Forum on Monday 7th March 2016.


Andy Milburn who had shown an interest in joining the Board has started a new job and will not be available to attend meetings.



Email from Mark Boyns advising he could not take up his position as Cricket Chair for the coming year due to ill health, however he would like to remain a Board member as soon as he feels able. The Board wished Mark a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him during the season.

Mark had given Dave and Keith’s contacts to “Last Man Standing” for fixtures to be arranged and ground fees to be paid.

Barbados Cricket Board plan to hold a meeting week commencing 7th March 2016 to select candidates for The Lord Gavron Scholarship.


Keith advised due to ill health he had not been able to present his full report.

The current account balances are:

Current account £5845.33

Deposit account£46.36



Stuart had been in touch with JMU students who are to develop a plan for the club to obtain sponsorship.

Nets facility – Naj is looking into how to apply for planning permission he also requires an electronic version of the design plans; Ted to advise.

Stuart was congratulated in obtaining a £3000 grant to install a new heating and water boiler in the main pavilion. The supplier NIPI Heating would house the boiler in the store cupboard of the away changing room. Dave and Tom to coordinate with the suppliers.

Ted advised that some companies are using cricket training equipment for “Team Building” events, Ted to let Stuart have the training template.

Smithdown Road Festival, unfortunately the function room has been booked for the May Bank Holiday so the proposed swing dancing cannot take place, other ideas are being discussed.

Wine tasting went well and small profit was made.


Richie advised the Cricket Committee was in a state of flux with the resignation of Mark, he has a meeting planned with the players prior to him going on holiday.

Stuart was giving his support and Tom was looking after registrations.


This winter has seen a poor attendance of nets by juniors, this needs to be looked into prior to booking for next winter.

Need to look at how we can get under 9’s parents involved now, so we have volunteers who will remain with the juniors as they progress through the age groups.


A moratorium has been called on “Club Mark” due to a revamp of the marking system.




Fly zapper has been fixed in the Members Bar.

Tom to discuss with junior cricket the best location to keep the Defibrillator during the cricket season and distribute notices advising members / visitors of the location.



One family and one player membership.

Junior registration will take place on Monday 4th April 2016


Pig Racing will take place on Friday 15th April 2016.

Any Other Business


Next Meeting Thursday April 2016 at 7.30pm