Minutes of the Management Board Meeting of the Sefton Park Cricket Club

12th May 2016

Present: RA Paisley (chair), K Spencer, D Cunningham, T Hughes, R Forsyth, and S Lomas

Apologies: E Wood, E Williams, J Ledger and J Kelly

Minutes of Last Meeting

Proposed by R Paisley; seconded by D Cunningham.

Matters Arising

Table Tennis Section had successfully won the Forrest Cup.


Letter from a distinguished member who had kindly loaned the club £2000 to help in purchasing and fitting a new boiler, to be repayable by December 2018.

Letter received from Peter Morgan thanking the Board for allowing him to bring his dogs to the club providing they were kept on a lead and under control at all times.


The current account balances are:

Brewery loan is down to £9000 24 months remaining

ECB loan is now £620.30 and will be completed in August 2016.



Last year balance at this time was £6,826.50

Boiler and cylinder invoices yet to come.




After renewal discussions with the club’s insurers the range of cover for the coming year was discussed at length.

Part of those discussions included provision of cricket teas and potential liability should there be an incident involving contaminated food and drink and also should there be an injury to any person working in the kitchen. A question was asked if these eventualities could be an ‘add-on’ to the club’s policy and were told that this would not be advisable.

After the meeting with the insurers a meeting was held with the caterer (J Kelly) on the 10th May 2016 and an agreement letter was signed by Jan who would arrange both public liability and employee’s liability cover in her own right, once the cover had been arranged (10 days from 10th May 2016) a copy of the certificates and/or policy schedule to be passed to the club.

For the club’s part, all equipment in the kitchen area will be maintained and serviced in accordance with recommended guidelines but it remains the caterer’s responsibility that the kitchen is always in a clean and hygienic condition




The survey has now been implemented on “Line Survey” on the website with 67 responses to date.

RP to set up the survey on the club website.

 Nets facility – Naj is waiting to hear from Liverpool City Council before sending a pre planning application.

Stuart is working on a club development plan in accordance with “Club Mark” due to a revamp of the marking system.


The Cricket Chairman position is still vacant with no volunteers are willing to take up the roll. Richie and Stuart are doing all they can in the absence of a Chairman.

A new mobile cricket net had been ordered and should be delivered by the end of May 2016.


The pre-loaded cards for after game drinks for the visiting sides appear to be working well.


Jamel’s kit had now arrived.


Echo Cup 2nd round will be played on Thursday 2nd June 2016 away to Wallasey.


Proposed club night is 28th May 2016

Junior barbecue will be held in July 2016

England Disability X1 will be held on 3rd July 2016 need to look at putting on some kind of event.


LMS have played one fixture at the club which was a success financially.



The club was broken into in the early hours on the 5th May 2016, causing damage to the bay window in the Members Bar, cutting the phone lines and damaging the alarm system, the outside water cupboard was opened and water pipes damaged, the container was broken into and the ladders were used to cut the phone lines and damage the alarm system

 A small amount of money was taken, the worst of the break-in was the mess and damage in the bar areas and the office also the outside of the pavilion was a mess with broken glass and rubbish thrown across the seating area. The damage was to such an extent the club was closed Thursday evening due to the tills not working and the mess behind the bars.

The Chairman thanked Keith, Sylvia Spencer, and Dave Cunningham for their hard work and long hours in getting the club back to normality.


Suggestion that roller shutters for Bay windows, additional cameras fitted to outside areas covering the rear entrance and the car park be looked at in the near future.


The asbestos had been removed from the old boiler cupboard.


New electrical sockets have been fitted.


New boiler and cylinder had now been fitted and will be pressure tested on Friday 13th May 2016


Carpet is required to be fitted in the upstairs corridor.


The Jewson account still has money on account to be spent.



4 Senior Citizens

3 non Playing Members

1 Playing Member.


Stuart looking into a company RCM Functions re staging beer festivals.

Any Other Business


Next Meeting Thursday 9th June 2016 at 7.30pm