Minutes of the Management Board Meeting of The Sefton Park Cricket Club

9 July 2015

Present: RA Paisley (chair), S Lomas, K Spencer, D Cunningham, E Wood

Apologies: T Hughes, J Kelly, M Boyns, B Rispin

Minutes of Last Meeting

Proposed by Keith Spencer; seconded by Dave Cunningham.

Matters Arising

Warning signs for hot water in toilet remained outstanding from last month’s actions.

Showers/boiler in lower pavilion had been repaired.

Has the £240 left behind the bar been identified?  (See June minutes – MB)


An email had been received from Merseyside Cultural CC following an incident over teas; the board were happy with Ted’s response.

The club had been broken into in June; only a small amount of spirits were taken from behind the bar but there was some damage to the windows.


Keith presented the current financial position which showed a loss for June.  The current account balance was a particular concern.

There had been outgoings of £1900 for winter nets and £1900 for ground equipment overhaul as well as the ladies toilets works.

Membership subscriptions are £4800 lower year-on-year.

Collections from winter nets were also significantly down; are there any funds left to be paid in?

Once more the possibility of replacing the brewery loan with members loans was discussed and agreed to be taken forward. BP and KS to lead.

Any spending must be authorised by the Treasurer and must be kept to a minimum!


In Tom’s absence the business reports were not available.

Function bookings over the coming month or so looked OK.



Stuart needed to arrange a meeting with Naj Ahmed and Jim Pinsent regarding handover for the new net facility.

Stuart was also hoping to talk to an architect and/or builder regarding pavilion redevelopment plans to allow members to see what any plans might look like for approval.


A good portion of the railings had been painted; thanks to George Lee for organising and driving the working parties.

The boiler in the lower pavilion had been repaired.

A plaque had been fixed to Leo Martin’s memorial bench in the rose garden.

Mirrors had been fitted behind the bar in the function room.

Windows had been replaced after the break in and some had been improved whilst the glaziers were at the club.

Ladies toilet had been painted.

Carpets and upholstery had been cleaned at a cost of £300.

A new tea/coffee urn had been purchased.

Benches had been repaired and painted.

Light bulbs had been replaced as required.


A players meeting had been held on Thursday 2 July.


1 new senior citizen member and one new non-playing member.


Comedy Evening on 31 July; sales were going quite well – around 25 tickets remain.  Please contact Mark for tickets.

The cost of President’s Day was again raised.

The club BBQ had been postponed and no new date had been set.  This is an important fundraiser, especially given the current financial situation.

The Scooter festival is booked in for 20 September.


Any Other Business

Bob had spoken to a company who could set up 2 pages of the website for £295.  This would ensure that Google “found” the club site when searched on mobile phones and would also enable the site to be updated by more people and for it to appear better when viewed on mobile phones.  More pages would cost more money.  Bob is meeting the company again in September when they will provide more detailed/technical information.

The club had received £250 from Hollyoaks using the car park and facilities during recent shooting in the park.

The unabated glut of Saturday afternoon functions was again raised by Stuart.

Next Meeting to be scheduled for Thursday 6 August at 7.30pm.  Although the August meeting is often missed it was felt that at the very least a financial meeting should be held.