Minutes of the Sefton Park C.C. Management Board Meeting held on Thursday 8th October 2015.


Present: R Paisley (Chair), T. Hughes, S Lomas, K Spencer, J Kelly and D Cunningham.


Apologies: E Williams, M Boyns, R Forsyth, B Rispin, L Tollady and

E Wood


The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true record.  Proposed S Lomas seconded K Spencer.


Matters Arising:

To be discussed in general meeting.



Nothing to report at this time



Balance at the same period 2014 was £15,732.53


Bar revenue is down £5000 + VAT compared to 2014


Subscriptions down £1278 compared to 2014


Treasure advised he was frustrated with the lack of support shown by members to functions organised to improve our income over the bar, the latest function to be cancelled being the comedy night. A big push is required over the next three months to increase revenue as a matter of urgency.


Expenditure must be approved by the Treasurer prior to committing the club to fund/meet any costs.




The latest stocktakers report showed a deficit of £600 over the last 52 days, after analysis of stock, purchases and sales it was evident that one product was down on cash through the till. It was agreed for Tom and Dave to meet with all bar staff ASAP to brainstorm how we can prevent losses.

Expenses are being micro managed by all sections and cost cutting is ongoing.





Work on the ladies toilets is complete again by Ian Spencer.

Electrician is required to look at the lighting in the corridor and the main fan light in the function room as replacing bulbs does not fix the fault.




Child Welfare

Nothing to report at this time



It was agreed the Christmas Raffle was highly successful last year and Stuart agreed to continue the same format this year




A meeting with Steve Taylor to replace our current groundsman Rob was highly successful and it was agreed for Steve to be paid a retainer during the winter months with full duties commencing the 1st March 2016.


Steve has acquired the services of Prince Charles Trust to complete the painting of the perimeter railings with supervision of the Fire Brigade.


The players end of season meeting proposed captain elect as:


1st X1              Richard Forsyth

2ndX1             Richard Conlan

3rdX1              Charlie Daniel

4thX1              Chris Mitchell

5thX1              Danny Wright

Sunday X1      Chris Smart



Nothing to report at this time



Hot pot supper will be held on 23-October-2015

Social evening to be held 16th October 2015 with “Split Decision” entertaining.





With the transfer of tyhe loan from Thwaites Brewery to Marsden’s Brewery a number of documents are require to be signed by the Trustees by 28-Oct-15: RP to action


Date of next meeting 12th November 2015 (due to the 5th falling on Bonfire night)


Meeting closed at 8.50pm

Tom Hughes