Sefton Park Cricket Club

Minutes of Management Board Meeting – 8 January 2015


Attending: Bob Paisley, Mark Boyns, Ben Rispin, Keith Spencer, Dave Cunningham, Jan Kelly, Ted Williams, Richard Forsyth, Stuart Lomas.

Apologies: Tom Hughes, Eric Wood.

Minutes of Last Meeting 

Proposal that the previous minutes were a true reflection of the meeting was proposed by Keith Spencer and seconded by Ted Williams.
Matters Arising
Mark Boyns to speak with Dave Goodall on Wednesday 14th regarding Bajan agreement.

Keith Spencer still unsure about whether nets invoice refers to 2014 or 2015.

Bob Paisley to complete list of junior players annual subs.
Mark Boyns shared the SLA proposed by University of Liverpool. It was agreed this is acceptable. 

Action: Mark to confirm this with University of Liverpool.

Ted Williams shared an email from Paul Bryson (LCB) for event at Northern CC on 2 February called “How to monetise your club” by using electronic data capture.  Discussed about the level of use this would be for the club at the moment.

Keith Spencer has received a request for a copy of the club’s accounts from Daniel Thwaites as part of the loan contract.




Auditor Dave Thornton is currently auditing the accounts.

Mike Poole questioned the £6,000 which has been put down as an accounting error from the previous financial year.  This means that the actual loss in 2012/13 was around £14,000 which is very high as a proportion of turnover.  This did mean that the actual loss for 2013/14 was only £600 which signifies a significant turnaround.

From Finance Report: Admin includes cost for advertisement; Cricket includes payment to Liverpool Cricket Development Group for Bajan cricketer which has been paid much earlier than last winter.

Keith Spencer is confident that cashflow should be sufficient to see the club through the winter provided there are no major unplanned costs and annual subscriptions start to come in as they did in 2014.



The brewery will be increasing their prices.  A 10p price increase was agreed on draft beer and the price of spirits will also rise.  Discussion around the difference in prices between the Members’ Bar and Function Room as this has become less as a percentage over the last 10 years.

A discussion followed about paying off the brewery loan using member loans; it would be very important to evidence what prices we could buy in beer for without the loan to members.  Richard Forsyth to ask a former colleague who is now in the industry for comparative prices.

It was agreed that Keith Spencer would write to the brewery regarding the increase outlining the difficulties the club has remaining competitive with pricing locally as a first step towards looking to pay off the loan. 

Action: Keith to draft letter and Dave Cunningham to check.

Gross profit was noted as slightly down.

The Christmas Period had been quiet.



Christmas Raffle had raised just over £1000 for the Pavilion Development Fund.  Thanks to Stuart Lomas for his work on this.  Stuart will pen a thank you letter to everyone who donated a prize.  There were ways in which the amount raised could have been increased, for example, tickets passed to cricketers on matchdays seem to have been lost in cricket bags!

Stuart had two quotes for solar panels on both sides of the top of the pavilion (roof above changing rooms); these are £20,000 or £30,000.  The contractor had also measured up for panels on the flat roof as well but this had not been supplied. The development of batteries which can be charged by the panels were suggested.  Concerns were raised by Ted Williams over winter generation on cloudy days from his experience at home.  It was agreed that this was a plan worth pursuing but that there could be many obstacles.  Stuart is planning to meet with the two local Labour councillors and other local interest groups to judge level of support.

Action: Stuart to request quote for flat roof solar panel array and to ask contractor about batteries which can be charged.

Reconvening of the Development Group from November’s workshop had been delayed to February.



Potholes had been filled in in the car park.

54 chairs had been purchased for the lower pavilion at £2 each.

Discussion about the expense of pest control and that the problem seems to be becoming more frequent.



The U19 side entering the National Knockout would use pink balls and are called “Sefton Park Panthers”.  There is a £60 entry fee for the competition which includes the balls.

A cricket social will be planned for February.

The Early Bird annual subs offer will be promoted to players.

Players had been surveyed to see where they would most like to tour in the summer.

1st and 2nd XIs would use Duke’s balls in 2015 and there were leftover Readers balls for the lower teams.

Senior training in the summer would be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The L&DCC AGM had many proposals but it was agreed that all points were for Cricket Committee to agree on.

Senior winter training starts on Wednesday 14 January at St Margaret’s School from 8-10pm.


Junior Cricket

U9, U11, U13, U15 and U18 sides had been entered in the Merseyside Youth Cricket Association for the 2015 season.

2014’s U11 coaches will be moving up to U13s with their sons but the club needs to look at funding to put parents and others through coaching courses in the future.

U13 and U15 winter training starts on Thursday 15 January at St Margaret’s School from 8-10pm.

U9 and U11 winter training starts on Friday 9 January at Liverpool College from 5.30pm to 7.00pm.


Child Welfare Officer

Nothing to report at this time.



No new members.



Many thanks for everyone for the successful Christmas Carvery.


Any Other Business

Could all current board members please contact Tom Hughes to let him know if you’re standing next year?

Captains and junior reports are required for the AGM brochure by 31 January.


Next Meeting will be on Thursday 5 February at 7.30pm.