Minutes of the Sefton Park C.C. Management Board Meeting held on Thursday 6th August 2015.


Present: R Paisley (Chair), T. Hughes, J Kelly, K Spencer, M Boyns, B Rispin, D Cunningham and E Wood.


Apologies: E Williams, R Forsyth, S Lomas


The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true record.  Proposed K Spencer seconded E Wood.


Matters Arising:

Caution Hot Water signs have been posted in the gent’s toilets.



Nothing to report at this time


Zero bills pending:


ECB loan will clear in August 2016

Thwaites Brewery Loan has 33 months remaining (12,375.00)


Subscriptions down £3,725 lower year on year

Mark to discuss with Bob who have not paid for this year, to recover subscriptions


YTD bar revenue down £4197.98

Scooter club took place in July 2014 and will take place in September 2015

LBH Cup Finals was called off due to weather, a new date to be arranged.

Club barbecue has been re-arranged for a later date


Expenditure must be approved by the Treasurer prior to committing the club to fund/meet any costs.



A business review showing YTD income for each bar compared with 2014 and expenditure against budget attached.


A discussion took place to see if any initiatives could be implemented such as introducing “happy hours” for drinks between certain hours, The majority felt that this would only lose more money as people tend to drink the same as usual only for less income being taken.


Functions are looking good; however they seem to start later than in the past and attendants do not spend as much as they did.


A discussion took place to see if the club could aquire loans from member to pay off the brewery loan which would reduce the cost of our beers etc.

It was agreed that this would be looked at outside of the meeting.


It was advised that a discrepancy had been reported by the Stock Taker in the recent stock take, he will re visit the club within the next week to clarify his findings.




Benches repaired.

Hoover has been repaired and serviced.

Hot water tap repaired – thanks to Ian Spencer

Ladies has been deep cleaned and new seats purchased.

Perimeter railing are being painted and looking excellent – thanks to Mark Boyns.



Child Welfare

Nothing to report at this time




Naj Ahmed and Stewart Lomas will meet with Jim Pinsent on 18th August 2015 to discuss the “ Three Caged Lane Nett” facility.

In Stuart’s absence Mark advised that architects drawings to propose changes to the main pavilion will hopefully be submitted late September 2015.

Stuart to discuss with Keith prior to any expenditure.





The Board were extremely disappointed to hear the news that Rob Jobson will be re-locating back to Cornwall as soon as he sells his house in Liverpool, the timescale will probably be around October 2015.

A discussion took place re his successor; this will be a difficult task which Mark is obviously making his priority.

Tom advised he has groundsman “ Job Description” and proposed costs for 2015 and will forward to Mark to assist in finding a replacement.


As discussed in finance players subscription are poor, Mark is doing his best to recover outstanding fees.


Mark advised that in 2016 season he will strongly advise the players if subscriptions are not paid by the end of April 2016 they will not be selected to play.


Cricket expenditure to be looked at to reduce costs for 2015.




One new senior citizen member.



Nothing to report at this time



Nothing to report at this time


Date of next meeting 3rd September 2015



Meeting closed at 8.25pm

Tom Hughes