Minutes of the Management Board Meeting of The Sefton Park Cricket Club

3 December 2015

Present: RA Paisley (chair), S Lomas, K Spencer, D Cunningham, M Boyns, R Forsyth, C O’Mahony

Apologies: T Hughes, J Kelly, B Rispin, E Williams

Minutes of Last Meeting

Proposed by Keith Spencer; seconded by Charlie O’Mahony.

Matters Arising

New tills had arrived that day.


A letter had been received from Cricket Archive requesting if the club had information to complete scorecards.


Keith presented the annual figures which showed a loss of £8227.60 for 14/15 which followed on from a loss of £6666.87 in 13/14.

The current account balances are:

The current balance should keep the club in the black until mid-January including the usual takings.

Function Room bookings are good through December.

Prices for room hire have been increased from £70 to £80.

Prices for ground hire will be increased in 2016 to £220 (main ground) and £175 (lower ground) for a full day game and £75 for an evening game on the artificial wicket.

A happy hour promotion was starting with a pints and bottle £2 between 7pm and 8pm.

Dave had contacted the brewery regarding paying off the loan and will chase again next week.

The new tills were discussed.  Membership would lapse on 30 April 2016; subscriptions would have to be paid in full by then or there would be no members discount from the card.  Cards had been purchased at a cost of £800; members would have to pay £5 to replace lost cards.  QBOB and Alumni would have to pay full price unless they were members.

There was suggestion of a “Registration Night” for members to collect their cards.

The contract with Focus security had been cancelled upon purchase of security cameras.  Focus had subsequently come back with a lower quote.

All board members encouraged to think of ways to increase income!!

Any spending must be authorised by the Treasurer and must be kept to a minimum!


Naj Ahmed was due to meet with an architect friend regarding the new net facility.

Stuart set out the Pavilion Development plan at a basic level:

1)      Replacement of current heating system

2)      Insulation throughout the pavilion

3)      Layout of the pavilion to improve use of space and ability to view the ground from the members bar.

Layout is the main stumbling block to planning replacing the heating, however, a grant for £4000 was available to apply for through the EWCT.  Stuart to ask for quote without replacement of hot water cylinder if feasible to see if this may be possible.  Stuart had met with Harry Wharton around improving the layout of the club.

There was agreement to survey the members with the subs letters next year about their views on the bar and what would encourage them to come more.  This can also be done online for a wider catchment.

Nothing had been heard from the LJMU business students who have a project to work with the club to improve sponsorship and marketing.

Ben had had problems registering the club on Trip Advisor as a bar.

Discussed advertising around the ground as per Ben’s email.


Security cameras had been purchased but a secure box to store the recording equipment was still required.  Thanks to Ian Spencer for installing.

New tills had arrived.


Mark presented the cricket budget document and several points (see separate documents).

Robbie Houghton was returning to the club.

The Lord Gavron scheme will continue in 2016.




Charlie mentioned that the ground would require moss-killing, scarifying and spiking next autumn at a cost of £6-700.


No new membership – membership would be managed using the new till system going forwards.


100 Club Draw with Formby Brass Band on 4 December

Christmas Carvery on 20 December

Wine Tasting would be returning on 27 February

Christmas Raffle


Any Other Business



Next Meeting Thursday 7 January 2016 at 7.30pm