Minutes of the Sefton Park C.C. Management Board Meeting held on Thursday 14th May 2015.


Present: R Paisley (Chair), T. Hughes, J Kelly, K Spencer, S Lomas, D Cunningham.

 and E Wood.


Apologies: E Williams, R Forsyth, L Tollady, B Rispin, and M Boyns


The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true record.  Proposed K Spencer seconded E Wood.


Matters Arising:

None at this time



Nothing to report at this time




ECB loan will clear in August 2016(622.10)

Thwaites Brewery Loan has 36 months remaining (13,500.00)


April saw a loss of £2223.42.



A business review showing YTD income for each bar compared with 2014 and expenditure against budget attached.

A meeting with Marston’s Brewery had taken place; however the representatives from the brewery were looking for new business and were not aware of the takeover of Thwaites Brewery.

The representative of Thwaites Brewery called in to SPCC to advise that we would not be aware of any changes with Marston’s taking over for a number of months.

The insurance claim made by a player from Liverpool University CC has been completed by our insurance company. No increase in our premium will be seen.

The insurance company made an offer of saving £175.00 per annum if we agreed to stay with them for 3 years. After a short discussion the offer was declined.



Benches painted.

Bottle chillers have been serviced.

Hand rails painted..

Signage boards have been erected on both sides of the entrance to SPCC.

Replacement panels for the ladies toilets have been delivered and should be fitted by the end of May 2015.



Child Welfare

A lengthy discussion took place re the managing and selection of junior cricket players to open age teams, and the use of face book to advise selection.

Committee proposed that a meeting be set up by the Junior Cricket Secretary (upon on his return) with his committee to review and resolve issues that have been raised.




We have a balance of £200 in the Jewson account after purchasing materials to paint the perimeter railings.

Naj Ahmed has offered to take the lead on the 3 lane net facility.

A plan for junior and senior coaching was presented to Committee:

1        £1000 per annum required to fund three people through coaching badges.

2        Ultimately to fund a club coach to oversee all junior coaching, Chance to Shine and build school/community relationships to attract more players to the club. Ideally this person would also play in the 1stX.

3        Set up a “Junior Elite Squad” where the best players can be given regular 1:1 coaching.

4        Investigate a potential to set up Cricket Tots for 3-6 year olds to enable us to attract more juniors and keep new parents in the club if they stop playing cricket. Paul Squires is doing some initial work around this.

5        Push junior sponsorship more? Possibly£500 to sponsor a team with the money being ring-fenced for a coach to attend a course and shirts for the players?


After a short discussion it was agreed to add £1000 to the cricket budget for coaching as above.




1st X1 doing well and the atmosphere within the club is excellent



Nothing to report



Quiz night Friday 22nd May 2015

Junior barbecue 10th July 2015

President’s day 12th July 2015

Comedy Night 31st July 2015



Jan raised the issue of games being called off at midday when the cricket teas have been prepared, it was agreed that any costs for food and labour would be compensated by the club however, every effort should be made for players/members to have the food on the day and donate money to the club.



Date of next meeting 4th June 2015



Meeting closed at 9.00pm

Tom Hughes