Minutes of the Sefton Park C.C. Management Board Meeting held on Thursday 12th November 2015.


Present: R Paisley (Chair), T. Hughes, S Lomas, K Spencer, E Williams, B Rispin, C OMahoney, E Woods and D Cunningham.


Apologies: M Boyns, and J Kelly


The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true record.  Proposed E Woods, Seconded K Spencer.


Matters Arising:

Stock taker audit

The Business Chairman had written to all bar staff advising of the reported discrepancy and the preventative actions taken to avoid occurrence in the future.


The Princes Trust had completed painting the perimeter railings on the far side of the ground.


Documents requiring signing by the Trustee’s for the transfer of the loan to Marston’s had now been completed



Cathedral cleaning had written to the Treasurer advising that termination to the contract would be liable to a penalty charge: Treasurer to contact Cathedral.

Dave Goodall had written to thank SPCC for participating in a ‘6’ aside competition held at Old Xaverians CC which resulted in a total of £6000 being presented to Clatterbridge Hospital.



Year-end accounts recorded a loss of 8097.62 (last year recorded a loss of 666.67)


Treasurer advised although our expenditure is being micro managed with savings made across the board our income has been drastically reduced with members’ subs 1552.00 lower than last year.

Bar revenue year to date is 7,597 lower year on year

Subscriptions down £1278 compared to 2014


A lengthy discussion took place re improving our income and various ideas were put forward:

Look at getting SPCC on TripAdvisor, Google etc.

Distribute flyers to Sefton Park Community Association (High rise flats).

Push the 100 club from 66 members to 100.

Collect email address of function hirers to communicate after the function to ask if everything was okay on the night etc.

Treasure advised a big push is required over the next three months to increase revenue as a matter of urgency.


Expenditure must be approved by the Treasurer prior to committing the club to fund/meet any costs.




All expenses are being micro managed by all sections and cost cutting is ongoing.



New lamp LED units have been fitted in the corridor.

Kitchen has been steam cleaned.

Double doors to lower pavilion have been repaired.


All showers to be power cleaned.


Child Welfare

Nothing to report at this time



A report back from the Sefton Park Forum re the nets facility was received positively, Stuart and Naj to meet to review next steps.


Stuart and ben have agreed with John Moores University to participate in a project “Marketing the Club” a student will be dedicated to SPCC to look at ways to market the club working alongside Stuart and Ben.No fees will be incurred.


Christmas raffle tickets are now available behind the bar.



Neil Bradshaw, England Disability X1has requested a date of the 3rd July 2016 for 20/20 matches - Confirmed


A fungal disease had been treated on the cricket square at a cost of £200


Dave Smith has advised the lack of a scorer for the second X1 and would welcome volunteers.


Liverpool College have again agreed for the 5th X1 to use the facilities for their matches apart from the weekend of 11th June 2016.



We had 300 members this year against 349 last year.


EW advised that Runcorn CC use an electronic membership card which supports all types of membership subscriptions and can be linked through our existing tills to accept subscriptions and print reports of members paid or otherwise. The Management Board agreed to the system being installed with fifty per cent of the cost being sponsored and the rest being a loan until SPCC can repay.

A meeting will be held on Thursday 19th November 2015 with the supplier.



Quiz night 21st November 2015

100 Club – Carol Concert 4th December 2015Brass Band evening

Christmas carvery 20th December 2015



Date of next meeting 3rd December 2015 


Meeting closed at 9.35pm

Tom Hughes