Minutes of the Management Board Meeting of The Sefton Park Cricket Club

4 June 2015

Present: RA Paisley (chair), S Lomas, K Spencer, M Boyns, D Cunningham, B Rispin

Apologies: R Forsyth, T Hughes, E Wood, J Kelly

Minutes of Last Meeting

Proposed by Dave Cunningham; seconded by Keith Spencer.

Matters Arising

Issue around junior selection largely resolved but to continues to be monitored.


Letter from Peter Hall received thanking the club for his Life Membership.


Keith presented the current financial position.

£240 had been left behind the bar in the last month. MB to investigate as amount suggests playing subs.

Only around half of the outlay for indoor nets has been recovered.  MB to ask captains to check; Ted Williams to confirm whether junior indoor nets monies have been paid into the club.

The fruit machine is currently running at around £1100 profit for the financial year, although around £100 in duty will be payable.

A discussion followed around the need to build up the club’s financial reserves to prepare for the close season as balances remained quite low, although there had been some significant outlay on the cellar cooler and ladies toilets.

Possibilities around what to do once the ECB loan had been paid off later this year were discussed; the main two options raised being to look into another loan for sightscreens or net cages or to build some capital with a “holiday” from the loan.


In Tom’s absence the business reports were not available. [informed you would send with minutes, Tom]

Stuart queried recent Saturday afternoon functions and asked whether we should be charging more for the room to “compensate” for the inconvenience caused on matchdays.




Discussion around possibilities for pavilion redevelopment.  There was a general qualified support for investigation into building new changing rooms behind the rose garden although this would leave a question as to what to do with the upstairs in this case – suggestions being to use it as a room for cricket teas, games room, room for entertaining sponsors on matchdays, a second bar.  Some unease was voiced that some ideas may be expensive and that works may impact on income and possible future repeat function room bookings .


Ladies toilets are in the process of being renovated; the new cubicles had been fitted and plastering, painting and tiling were still to be completed.

Lower pavilion hot water had not been working all season.  Eddie McShane had said he would take responsibility for this some time ago but as this was still outstanding it was decided that the club would need to take action.

A member had queried whether the club carried out certain checks.  Electrical PAT testing, fixed electrical and 5 year electrical tests were all carried out in line with legal/insurance requirements.  There was less confidence around legionella and asbestos reports – although it was felt the lack of ducting in use would mean legionella would not be required.

The damage to the perimeter fence caused by the falling branch was raised as this will need repairing.  A quote would be sought for the repair.

Hot water warning signs in the toilets to be made to appear more professional.  MB to action this.


Annual subs were a little behind but these were now being chased up.

The coaching plan outlined by Development last month would be developed further as part of a wider cricket plan.  The £1000 per year set aside to fund new coaches was welcomed.

Mark had looked into quotes for new sightscreens and net cages.

A discussion followed after Wavertree CC had received a £70,000 grant towards a new net facility, supported by their new position as local lead for women’s cricket.  Naj Ahmed, Stuart Lomas and Jim Pinsent are to meet at the end of the month to start driving the club’s own facility forward once more but it was felt important that the club would need to have a particular focus to offer something to a section of the community which it wasn’t currently.

The new Development division was proving to be a struggle with fixtures for the club’s second Sunday XI.

Mark outlined an idea to start a new midweek T20 side to attract lapsed or busy players back to the club/game and, if interest was sufficient, would push the Competition to start a league or knockout.

Clashes between games and Thursday evening training was raised; largely the lower ground has been available and captains had been told to inform players when the main ground would not be available but players had not moved the cages.


1 new senior citizen member.

New playing members: Mark Wilkie, Syed Bakhari, Leo Hinds, Phil Jennions, Anthony Jones, Jo Ledbury.

Take up of the invitational membership had been limited; only a handful of members had taken advantage of this.  Bob to email the membership to remind them of this.


Comedy Evening on 31 July; sales were going quite well.

The £950 cost of President’s Day last year was raised.

Any Other Business

The possibility of the club purchasing chair covers to hire as an “extra” to people hiring the function room was raised; it was felt that this could be profitable but would require additional work and that this should be costed and that the going rate to hire would be around £120 for the function room (£1.50 per cover).  This led onto conversations around charges for round tables/tablecloths and possibilities to “tent” the room more easily.

Keith mentioned that he had some good photos of the function room decked out from a recent wedding; to be sent to Bob to add to website with possibility of producing a brochure.


Next Meeting to be scheduled for Thursday 2 July at 7.30pm.

The meeting closed just after 9pm


Post meeting note. Stuart forgot to mention that the grant for picnic tables had not been successful.