Minutes of the Sefton Park C.C. Management Board Meeting held on Thursday 6th November 2014.


Present: R Paisley (Chairman), T. Hughes, D Cunningham, S Lomas,  E Wood and K Spencer.


Apologies: J Ledger, R Forsyth, E Williams, M Poole M Boyns, J Kelly, B Rispin.


The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true record with the below amendment. Proposed S Lomas seconded E Wood


The Board congratulated the Cricket Committee and players on keeping our status in the 2nd division Should read 1st Division


Matters Arising:

Mo matters arising




Letter received from Liverpool Cricket Development Group requesting a donation towards the Barbadian Scholarship placement – Noted and passed to Treasurer



All invoices due for payment are LCDG £1000..

A profit and Loss for October 2014 and YTD was distributed.


The credit card machine had cost £700 plus for the current year and it was advised some transactions were as low as £1.80 and the same users continued the same transaction throughout the evening. Treasurer proposed a fee of 0.50p be added for each transaction to encourage users to take cash back Seconded T Hughes.

This was carried with a majority decision.

Financial year end accounts will be completed and audited by year end.

Keith proposed he would not be requesting an increase in subscriptions for 2015; however the early bird offer to playing and social members would remain.



A business review showing YTD income for each bar compared with 2013 and expenditure against budget was reported:          see attached report.

Functions room bookings had seen an increase of 18 during the financial year.




New hinges have been fitted to cupboards in lower pavilion

Memorial plaque to member’s who had fallen in the 1st and 2nd world wars has been sighted in the corridor; the Board expressed their thanks to Peter Hall for sponsorship.

New shelving has been fitted in pavilion

Additional team photographs have been put up in the members bar.



Child Welfare

Nothing to report at this time





A workshop will take place on Sunday 9th November 2014 for members to discuss ideas/ways to modernise the bars in the main pavilion and any other suggestions

Stuart advised he is continuing to look at solar panels for the main pavilion to reduce heating costs..





Marck apologised for his absence as he was attending a 3rd X1 working party on behalf of the club at Rainhill CC.

EW is checking to see if there is access to a SKY initiative with the ECB that reimburses coaching courses expenses. If so, we are keen to send two on courses as there is a lack of qualified coaching available at junior level.

Cricket budget has been forwarded to TH and features a cut from the last two years.

There will be a focus on cricket section to raise funds from social events to fund areas of coaching, training and practise facilities.

Invoices have been received from St Margarets for winter nets – to be forwarded to Keith.

 The league reported that SPCC had the highest number of questionnaires completed and returned to the league.



Nothing to report at this time.



November Fest 21st November 2014

Christmas Raffle – tickets available from Stuart and Dave

100 club night with the Formby Brass Band entertaining 5th December 2014

Christmas Carvery Sunday 21st December 2014.




Darts will finish at the end of January due to the number of players reducing..


Date of next meeting 4th December 2014



Meeting closed at 8.45pm




Tom Hughes