Explanation of Under 9's

Brief explanation of the u-9 set up.

We play Kwik cricket.

Each team has 8 players.

The batting team is in 4 pairs, each pair faces 2 overs each. The fielding side bowls one over each. This means everyone bats and everyone bowls at some stage.

The scores start at 200.

Runs are scored in the conventional way. There are no LBWs but each wicket lost loses 5 runs from the total.

Wides and no balls score 2 runs and only in the final over an extra ball is bowled for each wide or no ball.

The game is only therefore 16 overs long and we often play a couple of teams in one morning. It is fast and exciting for the children to play and the adults and parents love to watch. It is all about introducing children to the game and ensuring they have good fun.

Our junior section is the fastest growing area in our club and we are increasing the numbers of children playing and adults helping season on season.

Our season is nearly at end already as the team disperses with the summer holidays - just one major tournament left to play at Northern in September.